Congress for Android

A live pocket directory for the people and work of Congress, for Android phones. I built it for the Sunlight Foundation in 2009 to try my hand at Android development, and over time it's become modestly successful and quite well reviewed. Sunlight has since produced a high quality Congress app for iOS, based initially on the Android version.

Oh No My Money

Retired. An experiment at violating money taboos by displaying my checking, savings, credit, and loan balances online, from 2008-2010. It even drew sweet graphs of my net worth over time. It was updated automatically every night through Wesabe, until they shut down. The site did get one piece of coverage before it died: the New York Times Magazine included me in a profile of 3 people dealing with their net worth online.

My part in archiving _why's stuff is to preserve a couple of animations he made to open his presentations at conferences, called Everyone is Here in the Future. They're some of my favorite things.