The Ultimate Answer Remains Unclear

published by Eric Mill on

It's time for more irrational fun with this year. I don't know everything I'm going to do with it this year, but it's going to build on 2012 in a fun way — and also in a more reliable way.

For example, I had a couple of midnight crashes on the 25th, for the first time ever. They were both embarrassing and cost me tons of traffic, and they will NOT happen again. Really, I just want more people, and for them to have more fun. Nothing too fancy. (Okay, maybe a couple fancy things.)

But first, I've kicked off the holiday season by finally cleaning up and releasing a bunch of isitchristmas DATA:

Maybe most interesting here is the chat log file, from the "secret" chat room in the developer console. It took me...many hours to clean up the original raw transcript of spam and abuse, through a mix of automation and old-fashioned hand-work.

If you feel like voyeuring my traffic, I also put up some PDF exports from Google Analytics for each year's Christmas time, because why not:


It goes up every year, so obviously I've got to keep it going. Fortunately, it seems like 2013 is already near certain to be much bigger:

I'll be heads-down for the rest of the year working on it, this is pretty much my only side project. If you're interested in helping out with something, send me an email or show up on GitHub!