The Infinite Is Attainable

published by Eric Mill on

This is awesome: a paper on "single serving sites", on its own single serving site. The author is Ryan Greenberg a student of Information Science at UC Berkeley. It's a cool paper, written in a pleasant tone that takes you around to many oddities of the net, many of which I never knew about. Also interesting is his list of the 130 single serving sites that he used in writing his report. They're not all YES/NO things - Umbrella Today makes his list, along with the original Hamster Dance.

Since I saw IsItTuesday pop up 6 days after I "launched" IsItChristmas I've been watching all the sites that IIC inspired (and who in some cases just copy/pasted my source code), and there are many. I like to take a little credit for this leading to a paper, and that paper's site following that model.

And as I am a proud man who enjoys pointing out his accomplishments to others, here is a chart, adapted from Ryan's data to back me up:

Single Serving Sites beginning with 'is', ordered by date of creation

2006-03-13 -
2007-06-08 -
2007-07-30 -

2007-10-12 -

2007-10-18 -
2007-11-15 -
2008-01-05 -
2008-02-08 -
2008-02-18 -
2008-02-24 -
2008-02-28 -
2008-03-04 -
2008-05-23 -
2008-05-09 -
2008-06-27 -
2008-10-07 -
2008-10-07 -
2008-10-07 -
2008-11-04 -

Number 4 - not bad. There were 3 in front of me, and though I'd heard of each of them by the time I made IIC, you'll have to take my word that none of them even crossed my mind in providing inspiration. Along with a coworker's random exclamation, the only site that inspired me was WhatIsMyIP a site I still occasionally make use of.

So there you have it: final proof of the inexpressible value of my birth, and my utter validity as a leader of men. Now I'm gonna go play video games.

  1. Matt Jankowski

    I hope you have a SPECIAL TREAT lined up for IIC users this year.

  2. Ryan

    "Some status sites have obvious utility, while others have nearly none" This quote offends me. I cannot believe this Greenberg guy doesn't think your site has a purpose. I will prove him wrong by checking it everyday until it says yes. Then i will know when it is Christmas. Just like last christmas.

  3. Bertrand

    I would say technically Abe Vigoda status is still the original. It answers a single question, Is Abe Vigoda Dead?, and there's even a Firefox extension for it, in case you really need to know.*/