Proliferating, Propagating, Promulgating

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I was talking with my mother on the phone recently, and I was rather taken aback when, during our phone conversation, I mentioned that I'd been steadily upgrading my wardrobe, and she suddenly burst into gales of involuntarily laughter. She continued to laugh and laugh, until eventually she started choking from laughing so much. So she kept choking for a little while, and when she finally recovered she continued laughing some more. I asked her what was so funny, and she said that, well, with my wardrobe, the only direction I could really go was up. Then she kept giggling for a while as I tried to keep talking to her.

A national sandwich chain called The Wrap changed its name to "Boloco" this week (short for "Boston Local Company", despite its national presence), and as a promotional offer they were giving away free burritos (their new focus) from 11am to 4pm today. I work right next to one, so my coworkers and I went down at 11am and each got a burrito. In place of money they would simply ask for your first name and then call it out when it was ready. At 3:15pm we went down to claim another one, and as we prepared for and journeyed to the Boloco I joked about how we would all have to give them fake names so they wouldn't identify us as having gotten some already.

When we got in line, and I placed my order, when he asked for my name I actually stuttered a bit and then said "John". I didn't realize I would do that. I did this while simultaneously realizing that it was the same guy who had taken my order a few hours before, and that I had gone through the same rigamarole of making sure the burrito had no beans, salsa, or cheese, and was only "meat and rice" inside, so he was sure to associate both conversations and know that I was lying. When they announced my burrito was ready, I took it calmly and a little red-faced, and then bolted out the open door.

I'm really happy.

  1. The Truth

    Let's be very clear. John Pepper was NOT an original founder of The Wrap. Check any public record (i.e. DBA) and you will find that there were only two original founders...Gregg Harris and Adam Liebman.

  2. John Pepper


    Sorry i didn't respond to the nice post you made above late last month. My wife and i had a baby on Nov 26, and with thanksgiving on the 24th... well, we've been busy!

    Glad that we were able to get you back on burritos... i've had a few burrito downer days myself in the last few years, but they are usually short-lived! keep us posted on how we're doing!

    Regarding the big brother comment from Erin... I guess i can understand how one might think that. However, i only wish it was that dramatic... it's not. Once every so often i'll google "boloco". When i did back in November, Eric's blog came up. And when i see something written about us, correct or incorrect, i'll always take a few minutes to share our perspective, or just thank them for their feedback (even it wasn't intentionally meant to get to us, it does help us a great deal). If that's "power" or "big brother" type stuff, then i guess i'm guilty :)

    Thanks all! and happy holidays!

    John Pepper Co-Founder, Boloco

  3. Walid

    Manglar Mandlebroth: I have a feeling if someone ever named their child that, he/she would grow up to become an evil super hero villain, probably one that owns many businesses and railroads INCLUDING baltic avenue. Does EVERYONE that eats Taco Bell get ill afterwards, but still not care about the diarrhetic effects of the so called Mexican food? If qdoba is an abomination of Mexican food then Taco Bell is an abortion of Mexican food. No really, that's what they stuff their burritos with; abortion.

  4. pope

    NICE KYLE!! I want that phrase to proliferate through our friend community!! WE HAD SOME LAUGHS!! ahhhhhhh, did you see that richmond has been ranked #5 in the most dangerous places in the country to live?? I thought it was quite the butthole of a place.

    I can vouch for mildo's unsweatpantsness lately, and I'm pretty excited about it. I won't say more as its become a bit of a sore spot betwixt us, but its awesome.

    manglar mandelbroth. excellent. qdoba is an abomination of mexican cuisine.

  5. Eric Mill

    I did get your voicemail, and the screaming was AWESOME. I will respond in kind and we will continue depositing in each other's voice banks.

  6. Kyle

    There is a Qdoba (I'm not even sure HOW to pronounce that, but I'll try using it in Scrabble!) in downtown C'ville, and I love it. I think their burritos were amazing. Maybe it's a location thing.

    Also, the name game is funny. I do that at Panera Bread back home cause they do the same thing. Manglar Mandlebroth, Clark Kent, John Spiderman (pronounced Spidermin, like it was a jewish name), those are some of my favorites. They call your name out loud and you walk up and get your food. It stretches my creative capacities.

    Did you get my voicemail the other day? I never got a response. I don't screm for just anyone.

    So, are you saying your moving on from sweatpants and homsar t-shirts? Or maybe it is just a finer quality sweatpant? I was actually told that the crotch of many of my pants hangs far too low by a female coworker (someone I'm banging) and whether it be due to my loss of recent weight or whatever, I found myself looking at the crotches of male coworkers pants to see what a regular pant crotch should look like. The I realized I was looking for style tips from IT workers ... and looking at their crotches. So that stoppped. I bought some nice pants that show my ass off now. Yay?

    Alrite, well we had some laughs, take it easy.

  7. Eric Mill

    Hi John, thanks for posting here. I didn't really think I'd have to lie about my name, to me the weird part me was joking about it with my friends and then surprising myself by me actually doing it without expecting to. And you're right, you guys are more local than I had thought, very few stores outside of Boston and many inside.

    Also, I would like to say something. I had really been down on burritos in general for like the last two weeks or more. Maybe a month. In fact, I would say at this point I had emotionally given up on them. So going to get a burrito wasn't very enticing, but for free food I let my coworkers drag me there, and I will tell you - I am back on burritos now. I really enjoyed it, and I didn't put up a fight for going to get the second one. Your stores and your food are the polar opposite of Qdoba, who I now realize had damaged my belief in the possibility of a quality burrito. I am very sincere. I'll be back!

  8. erin

    Is John Pepper legit? If so, how did John Pepper find this? Is that a wee bit 'big brother', or just your conjuring power? If you write about U2 will Bono comment?

  9. John Pepper

    I'm one of the co-founders of The Wrap (and now Boloco since we changed our name). We're pretty local, for the record... nine stores in Boston, one in my hometown up in NH, and just recently we opened 2 franchised locations.

    Also, there was no reason to be afraid of ordering twice. We would have let you come in 17 times if you could handle it. The Free Burrito Days still remaining are this coming Monday (11/21) at Northeastern, Tuesday (11/22) at Childrens Hosp, 11/29 at Cleveland Circle, and 11/30 at Harvard Square. Come to all of them, and visit as many times as you like... that's the whole point!


    John Pepper

  10. fxbx

    I don't know you!!! Hi I'm fxbx, you must be Sara. Now I do! That makes two people. Thank you!

  11. Sara

    I totally caught that Magician's Nephew as well! I've read and reread those books so many times that I practically know them by heart.

  12. fxbx

    I only know one person in this universe who would've caught that wild slider, and he just done did.

  13. Eric Mill

    Oh my goodness. KILLER Magician's Nephew reference, John. That is one of my all time favorite books. I don't think I'd have as good dreams nowadays if I hadn't read it. Also, agreed.

  14. fxbx

    Did I ever mention your mother is quite the piece of work? A dem fine woman, I tell ya, a dem fine woman.

  15. Ed

    The guy that took your order looked so jaded I suspected he was, in fact, immortal, and was punished to work in grandeuricious retail food outlets for an eternity. I suspect that, upon receiving your complimentary meat and rice burrito, you could've looped to the end of the line, repeated your order to him and chosen the name "Xanthar, slaughterer of worlds" and his only comment would've been "Just your first name, please".