Legal Hacking in DC

published by Eric Mill on

I had just a wonderful time at DC Legal Hackers' first ever hackathon last Saturday. Founded by Rebecca Williams, Jameson Dempsey, and Alan deLevie, the DC group is juuuust starting out, and inspired by the successful New York Legal Hackers group.

You can see some nice pictures of the event rounded up on the Open Gov Foundation blog, and details (including spreadsheets...of tweets! spreadtweets.) on the Legal Informatics Blog. The event was kindly hosted by Fastcase.

I was just a participant, so I probably missed a bunch of stuff, but some neat things I saw occur:

A productive day all around, and a great piece of community bonding. The plan is for DCLH to run a hackathon every quarter, so another's not far off. In the meantime, next up is a night of drinks and talks about increasing basic access to legal services. DC is a more interesting place to work in technology every year, and things like DC Legal Hackers make me feel like I'm in the right place at the right time.