init_module: no such device

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Let's chronicle the Eric Mill Operating System Saga:

Day 1: The night of Linux. Anthony and I try to install Debian for 4 hours, give up and go for Mandrake. Mandrake installs easy as pie, only lingering problem being the sound card. Excellent.

Day 2: I fool around with Linux. Awesome.

Day 3: I realize Win2K needs a partition, I get everything ready, and I reformat my computer, install Windows 2000 without a hitch, install Mandrake Linux again without a hitch. I rebuild most of my old programs on Linux again.

Day 4: I download EXT2IFS, a program which ostensibly allows Win2000 to see and read Linux partitions. It works at first, I assign drive letters. On installation, despite it telling me it may cause Win2000, I choose to have it run on boot, not manually. Big mistake, as, sure enough, Win2K will no longer boot. I try booting on last known good config, on Safe mode....nothing. I fucked it up.

Day 5: Today: I wake up, I open my case, figuring I can use this chance to get rid of my bad sound card. Turns out, the bad one is built right into the motherboard! I disable the onboard audio PCI device in BIOS, but later it turns out this doesn't work. So I start the Win2K installation again, and I accidentally tell it to install and format the entire hard drive...I'm forced to wait until it's done, restart it, delete and remake the partitions, and install right. It flags an error, and won't continue. I reboot, try again, and this time it won't even get to the menu. Panicked, I take it out and try a 2nd Windows 2000 CD, and this works, and installs fine. I have Linux install during the rest of the day, keeping up with it on my breaks from work. It installs fine. Then, I try to download all the programs I want, and it one of the packages says that the login and password to the source are wrong...I try to edit the source info for, and it says it can't verify the update and that this source will be disabled. It cannot be reenabled. I now have nothing and no way to get anything, as I did not get Mozilla or any other web browser on install. I am forced to format these partitions and reinstall Linux. Midway through the download of packages the installer stalls and can't get anything. I restart it and now can no longer connect to I reboot into Win2K to get another source URL, and this won't work either. Now I'm stuck with Win2K and a partial failed install of Linux, which I'll have to reformat and reinstall again. I just pray that the problem is in the servers and not suddenly my Ethernet card. My paranoia grows, and I wait.