Alley of Doom

published by Eric Mill on

I spent Saturday afternoon sweeping, pushing, filming, running, climbing, dancing, and unicycling through the Alley of Doom, created by Laurenellen McCann. It was a wonderful spectacle, with high turnout and a diverse crowd. It ran an hour over time because it was just too impossible to fit in all the fun people were having.

The Alley of Doom allows anyone to be chased by a boulder down an alley, literally and exactly like Indiana Jones did in Raiders of the Lost Ark, figuratively speaking. The best explanation of the Alley, besides the pictures and video being amassed on Flickr, may be from this interview with the Awesome Foundation after we gave her the micro-grant to buy the zorb and make this happen.

Though everyone was enthusiastic about the idea, I don't think anyone expected it to generate such prolonged fun (it ran for 4 hours, well over schedule), or the press that it got (NPR was there almost the whole time). It's a tribute to a solid idea, an open minded city, and the great word-spreading power of the modern Internet. Thanks to Laurenellen for seeing the project through, and giving it so much love and energy.

  1. Ian

    That is such an awesome photo!